About The Author

Juno Jo

I believe that my work as a designer must have Intention. Inclusion. Impact.

Juno Jo, known only by Juno, is an experienced designer. He started his career as an intern at a software company, Matrix – focused on medical software. Even learning a lot of essential concepts from software engineering, Juno soon moved to a more design field at the advertising agency DDB office in São Paulo and worked across different industries: advertising, tech, education, gaming, live entertainment, and sports.

He was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and his parents are from South Korea. He lived mostly in São Paulo, Fortaleza, and Rio de Janeiro. Juno immigrated to the United States in 2017.

His first destination was the “Hot, Latin, and Sexy Miami,” as his friend described to him.

Nowadays, he is based in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

He taught and prepared more than 3,000 UX/UI Designers for the job market in more than 15 countries and helped them achieve personal and professional goals. He teaches years at Ironhack on the Miami campus, Remote for Europe and Remote for the USA.

In this book, he introduced a method created by him after teaching so many people, the Bootcamp Sprint Design®.

The concept behind this is creating a system to solve problems quickly and help diverse people and industries achieve their max.

He believes that his work as a designer must have Intention. Inclusion. Impact.