CSD Matrix


It’s time to start our sprint and stop procrastinating.

To start, I always like to create an environment where people can feel comfortable sharing their ideas and assumptions about the topic.

This is helpful in bringing all the members of the team together.

It’s a simple tool to warm up.

It helps a lot to take a lot of personal assumptions and start sharing those things and validate though the process.

🟢 Certainties: We know or understand that…

🟡 Suppositions: We suppose that…

🔴 Doubts: We have doubts about…

REVIEW Opinions. Everyone’s got one. And our opinion is often shaped by dogma (religious or cultural), entitlements, expectations, and in some cases, ignorance.

If you remember the Double Diamond process this step is a parallel to start exploring and brining information as much as you can.

The first impressions from people.

As Malcolm Gladwell wrote in Blink, we are constantly making split-second decisions based on years of experience and knowledge as well as using the same skill to confirm prejudices, stereotypes, and assumptions. Clearly, the former thinking is a source of strength, whereas the latter is a great weakness.

Don’t start any research without a clear problem definition and a structured hypothesis to validate.

Where to find information

  • DuckDuckGo (Google or Bing)
  • Google Play and App Store reviews: i will suggest to read reviews between 2-4 stars
  • ChatGPT
  • Product Hunt