“Happy is the person who can improve others, not only when present, but even when in their thoughts.”

After several years, I’ve come to realize that writing is one of my preferred forms of communication. In the past, I maintained a few blogs, and I occasionally post on my personal blog1 – which focuses on UX/UI Design. Additionally, I’ve started a newsletter on Substack2 where I regularly share insights on this topic.

I remember designing my first website while learning to use Photoshop. Interestingly, I landed my first job in tech even though I was still mastering the skill.

This was during the early days of the dot-com era when many were attempting to build websites in the hope of striking it rich.

My first encounter with the concept of bootcamps was in Brazil, during a conversation with another designer/photographer, Bruno Tatsumi. He shared his experience of spending a few months at a coding bootcamp at the General Assembly in New York.

Years later, I followed suit, attending a Front-End bootcamp at General Assembly in NY. It was a transformative experience that honed my coding skills. Looking back, I sometimes think I should have also learned app development.

From my cohort, I keep in touch with only two people. This contrasts with Ironhack’s approach to building a tech community. Their philosophy, “Once an Ironhacker, always an Ironhacker,” really resonates with me.

This idea captivated me.

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